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Why we need to tell stories like the Nativity

I like to think of Jesus saying to his disciples (who, in modern lingo, we might call his mates): “I was born in a stable, me”. It could have been a sort of Aramaic version of Monty Python’s Yorkshiremen sketch – a bunch of horny-handed northern Judean proles getting competitive about their relative hardships: “Luxury! […]


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Tell us you believe, Tony Blair – The Observer

‘That’s complete bollocks,’ I told the distinguished left-wing journalist John Lloyd. We were sharing a platform on the Blackpool fringe at the Labour conference earlier this month. Lloyd had just expressed the view that ‘you can’t spin an affair’, referring to Edwina Currie and the Galloping Major. At that moment, the bay windows of the […]

Our first duty if to the weak – The Guardian

Jane Nicklinson, is the wife of the 56-year-old Tony Nicklinson, who is “locked-in” to a terribly paralysed body as a consequence of a stroke. He wants her to help him to die; and she had this to say on BBC Radio’s PM programme last week: “People will say, you know, we’ve got to protect the […]

George Pitcher

George Pitcher

George Pitcher is a writer, independent communications and public ethics consultant and an Anglican priest. He is a journalist by background, having been an award-winning Industrial Editor of The Observer during the years of the Thatcher government’s privatisation programme and a columnist and commentator on a wide range of newspapers and broadcast media.

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The Death of Spin

Every decade has its own identity, key values and needs. The 1990s were the age of spin, when the materialism of the 1980s, the desire for instant communication and soundbite democracy came together in the spin culture. This spread throughout society from business and politics even to charities and the church.

A Time to Live

There is a view, rapidly gathering support, that it is just, compassionate and moral to allow those facing death to choose both the moment and the method. Surely, the argument goes, it is time our laws were reformed? George Pitcher vehemently disagrees. He believes that such a change in our attitudes to life and death […]

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A Dark Nativity

A novel that traces a young woman’s descent into madness and violence in the worlds of international aid and diplomacy.

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