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Murdering St Paul’s Cathedral – Daily Telegraph

The anti-capitalist protest at St Paul’s has done nothing so well as expose the divisions inside the Church of England.

St Paul wrote to the church in Corinth that we should be “fools for Christ”. Of all the things it has been accused of over the past couple of weeks, the great Wren church in London of which he is patron saint can’t be accused of failing to take this injunction to its heart.

At times it is, frankly, embarrassing to be a priest in the Church of England. Some dispirited colleagues might say that that’s the case all of the time. Ask us: how has an anti-capitalist march, aimed at occupying the Stock Exchange, become a narrative about the management collapse of what is often called the parish church of the C of E? We’re stumped for an answer. All Gas and Gaiters, the gentle Sixties sitcom about a bumbling cathedral chapter, hardly begins to do justice to this story.

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George Pitcher

George Pitcher

George Pitcher is a writer and talker, an academic specialising in the purposes of journalism and an Anglican priest. You can read his LSE blog here.

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