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“Don’t get caught”: The 11th Commandment


The drama of journalism


Lock-down: Alone in church with a blackbird

Pause for Thought on Radio 2. Click here


Good Friday: Triumph of love in time of plague


Love In A Time Of Corona: Keep churches open


It’s time Christians spoke out against Boris Johnson

The amoral man most likely to be Britain’s future prime minister has no sense of humility or public duty. Churches […]


The medium is the morality

  MacIntyre and McLuhan: Both emphasised the medium over the message It’s over half a century since Marshall McLuhan, the […]

A Dark Nativity

Pitcher’s decision to write in the female first person was a brave one, but it pays off. It is a […]

The Death of Spin

Every decade has its own identity, key values and needs. The 1990s were the age of spin, when the materialism […]

A Time to Live

There is a view, rapidly gathering support, that it is just, compassionate and moral to allow those facing death to […]