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An open letter to whoever is Prime Minister one year from today

Dear Next Prime Minister,

We don’t know who you are yet. But exactly one year from today, on 7th May, we will be deciding who gets the job. You may not actually be our choice – if there has to be a coalition again, then likely as not you won’t be the majority choice of the electorate – but our imperfect electoral system will still have delivered us a Prime Minister for the next Parliament.

So this may be a good moment to write to you – whoever you are – to ask some important questions about the lives of millions of our citizens. The first thing to ask is: Are you going to continue with the Big Society agenda? Or will you let it quietly slip away, as the slightly embarrassing rallying cry of a botched general election campaign in 2010?

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George Pitcher

George Pitcher

George Pitcher is a writer and talker, an academic specialising in the purposes of journalism and an Anglican priest. You can read his LSE blog here.

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